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 (02) School/Club Repair Kit images

  • (02) School/Club Repair Kit images
  • (02) School/Club Repair Kit images
  • (02) School/Club Repair Kit images
  • (02) School/Club Repair Kit images
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(02) School/Club Repair Kit

Price: £146,99

In stock


An extensive repair kit for a kite school or club. This box packs enough repair material to almost start your own kite repair business! In its own tool box that measures 32 x 18 x 14cm complete with removable tray it is packed with the following products:- 

  • 15m self-adhesive Nylon (50mm), 9 rolls in various colors
  • 21m self-adhesive Dacron (50mm), 10 rolls in various colors
  • 12m FiberFIX white mesh tape (45mm)
  • 2pc hot melt bladder repair film (100cm x 15cm)
  • 3pcs monster bladder patch (18 x 30cm)
  • spare TPU film (~15dm2)
  • 6pcs ValveFIX
  • 3pcs Valve Pads
  • 6 tubes 28g high quality PU glue
  • 6pcs glue applicators
  • 6pcs glue brushes
  • 5pcs tie wraps
  • 20pcs alco swabs
  • 3pcs sanding papers
  • 2pcs heat shield papers
  • scissors

This gives you a vast selection of product to make almost any emergency repair home or abroad for a lot of kites.


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Product details

Category: Self Repair

Manufacturer: Dr Tuba

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