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 (58) Ozone One Pump Repair Pack images

  • (58) Ozone One Pump Repair Pack images
  • (58) Ozone One Pump Repair Pack images
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(58) Ozone One Pump Repair Pack

Price: £20,95

In stock


What a spanking idea! Ozone have produced this very handy pack to repair kites with a one pump system. 

This tube works on all Ozone kites and is the same tubing as every kite on the market with a one pump system. It is 9mm diameter black tubing with a 6mm hole in it. Simply cut the required length of tube needed and fix with the supplied cable ties or re use your kites existing one pump clip system.


The pack contains 2 metres of tubing and 30 cable ties for securing. 




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Product details

Category: Ozone Parts

Manufacturer: OZONE

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