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 Spider Bomb 6'2

  • Spider Bomb 6'2
  • Spider Bomb 6'2
  • Spider Bomb 6'2
  • Spider Bomb 6'2
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Spider Bomb 6'2" Short Board Red

Price: £475

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The Spider surfboards are now recognised as one of the best surfboards in the world with 21 world champions having boards shaped for them by Spider Murphy now and in the past. The construction of the boards is second to none using Aerialite cloth for lightness, memory foam cores and quality resin. The board while maintaining maximum strength is extremely light. They not only look amazing with unique sprays but ride with speed and passion.

The Spider Bomb is perfect for ankle to above head high waves and has a wider profile to aid catching the wave, once on it the concave to hydro channels to vee allow you to fly with ease. The Spider Bomb makes not so perfect days into perfect ones and perfect days to memories.

Aimed at intermediate to pro riders the Spider Bomb is a board that is perfect for 95% of UK surf days. 

Spider Bomb 6'2" long, 20 1/4" wide and 2 5/8" thick and 36 litre volume. Complete with FCS M Series fins and FCS fin key.


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Category: Surf Boards

Manufacturer: SPIDER

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