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 (02) Dr Tuba Sail Repair Kit images

  • (02) Dr Tuba Sail Repair Kit images
  • (02) Dr Tuba Sail Repair Kit images
  • (02) Dr Tuba Sail Repair Kit images
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(02) Dr Tuba Sail Repair Kit

Price: £29,99

In stock


A nicely presented sail repair kit in its own box to go in your van or kite bag to save that crucial session. This repair kit is aimed at Sail/Canopy repairs but the products included can do more than that.

The clear box contains:-

1 x 28g Tube Aquasure PU Glue

2 x Glue Applicators

1 x Glue Brush

1 x Sticky Back Dacron 5cm x 3m

1 x Clear Roll Sail Repair Tape 10cm x 1m

1 x FibreFix Roll 5cm x 3m White

4 x Alcohol Wipes

2 x Sand Paper

1 x Scissors

This gives you a good selection of product to make those emergency repairs at home or abroad.


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Product details

Category: Self Repair

Manufacturer: Dr Tuba

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