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 (10) Dr Tuba Hot Melt Bladder Repair Patch images

  • (10) Dr Tuba Hot Melt Bladder Repair Patch images
  • (10) Dr Tuba Hot Melt Bladder Repair Patch images
  • (10) Dr Tuba Hot Melt Bladder Repair Patch images
  • (10) Dr Tuba Hot Melt Bladder Repair Patch images

(10) Dr Tuba Hot Melt Bladder Repair Patch

Price: £13.99

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A fantastic idea but I was really sceptical at first. All my life I have lived under the safety net of if it's too good to be true it usually is. A bladder patch you just put in place, apply gentle heat and it creates a permanent repair....Yer Right!

IT DOES. OMG IT DOES! A thermoplastic heat sensitive sheet you cut to size, place over the hole, cover with grease proof paper (supplied) and gently iron on heat setting 1 to 1.5 out of 3. Even with this low heat it activates the glue and creates a lasting bond. Can be fitted internally and externally as can be seen in the instructional video. It is as good as it says! We do now use it in our repair centre as it is that good.

The pack contains a sheet of Hot Melt Repair Patch 15cm wide by 110cm long. There is enough for many holes and blow outs. Two alcohol wipes for cleaning and a sheet of grease proof paper.

You don't have to be an expert to use this product but a little attention to detail will go along way!

Use a LOW setting on the iron, too hot and you can melt the bladder. This product has been designed for a low heat setting to prevent damage to the bladder.

Cover the bladder with the grease proof paper as it stops direct heat on the bladder. 

Clean the bladder well and allow it to dry. If it is dirty the patch will stick to the dirt and not the bladder

Remove all sand from the bladder and surrounding area. If you iron onto sand all you will do is push the sand grains through the bladder making more leaks!

Allow a good overlap of the patch to seal well.

If all else fails and you do get some wrinkles and small air leaks then surround the patch with a line of Dr Tuba bladder glue and this will sort the problem.

A perfect product using modern hi tec fabric that if used correctly will make any bladder repair a pleasure.


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Product details

Category: Self Repair

Manufacturer: Dr Tuba

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