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 (13) Tear Aid Type A. 77mm x 305mm Strip images

  • (13) Tear Aid Type A. 77mm x 305mm Strip images
  • (13) Tear Aid Type A. 77mm x 305mm Strip images
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(13) Tear Aid Type A. 77mm x 305mm Strip

Price: £5,45

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Type A tear aid is a clear sticky patch that can be used to fix bladders, canopys and even reinforce leading edges. It sticks like the proverbial poo to a blanket and stretches once fixed to allow for the kite/bladders natural movement. We use reel's of it in our professional repair centre.

We use it for:-


Bladder Repairs-Suitable to repair pin pricks in bladders right through to massive explosions. Can also repair seam splits and bits of missing bladder. Once repaired the tear aid is actually stronger than the bladder material and also fixes to almost any bladder.


Valves-Valves coming off or leaking around the seal to the bladder. Tear Aid will seal valves so they won't come off.

Leading Edges-Abrasions and very small cuts up to 10 mm. Apply to protect the area to stop abrasions getting worse. For holes in the edge a professional repair is always advised to prevent explosion of the edge.


How to use it-Clean the area with an alcohol wipe as if the area is not 100% clean the tape will just fall off. Dry with a hairdryer to make sure perfectly dry (not too much heat!) and hold dead flat. Prepare the patch by cutting to size and rounding off the edges, hold the area flat and apply the patch. You only usually get one shot at this so TAKE CARE! Press the patch firmly on and for the best results heat with a hair dryer and press again.


This pack contains 1 foot (305 mm) long by 3" (77 mm) of Type A Tear Aid Tape and 4 alcohol wipes for cleaning. Straight from our repair centre stock. If you order 3 feet it will come as a complete 3 foot length.


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Product details

Category: Self Repair

Manufacturer: TEAR-AID

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