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 (18) Aquasure TPU Repair Adhesive images

  • (18) Aquasure TPU Repair Adhesive images
  • (18) Aquasure TPU Repair Adhesive images
  • (18) Aquasure TPU Repair Adhesive images
  • (18) Aquasure TPU Repair Adhesive images
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(18) Aquasure TPU Repair Adhesive

Price: £7,95

In stock


Aquasure is our not so secret weapon in the war against burst bladders, re seating valves and sorting pin prick holes. It is a perfect bladder glue and runs into holes and groves to create a stunning, permanent finish. It's also good for gluing your wet/dry suit too!


One pack of Aquasure 28 gram and will do quite a few large repairs. We use this size in our repair centre and use about one a week mending many bladders!

As can be seen in the photos you can re-seat valves neatly to the bladder or we use it for gluing the seams of TearAid patches to give a professional finish and strength. This glue does take 24 hours to cure fully as standard so can't be used as a quick fix.


The pack contains 1 x 28g tube of Aquasure, gloves and a small brush to help with application. 




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Product details

Category: Self Repair

Manufacturer: MC NETT

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