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 Dr Tuba Sticky Back Dacron RED images

  • Dr Tuba Sticky Back Dacron RED images
  • Dr Tuba Sticky Back Dacron RED images
  • Dr Tuba Sticky Back Dacron RED images
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Dr Tuba Sticky Back Dacron RED

Price: £7,49

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Got a small split in your leading edge/Struts or some pin prick holes you don't want to get worse and it's not big enough to warrant a professional repair?

Dr Tuba sticky backed Dacron is the answer! It is just that, dacron strip with a very sticky acrylic adhesive back to it. Simply clean off the kite with one of the two supplied alcohol wipes, allow it to fully dry then cut a patch to the size you need. Round off the corners for best results and stick in place. A repair for small holes and pin pricks. Perfect to keep in your kite kit to save a session and if used with Dr Tuba PU Glue and Fibre Fix can repair bigger splits and tears too.

The pack contains one roll of Red Dacron tape  5cm wide by 300cm long plus two alcohol wipes.


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Product details

Category: Self Repair

Manufacturer: Dr Tuba

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