Kite Repairs

It was kite repairs that kicked off the company in 2009 and it was kite repairs that we have now gained a national reputation for. We have completed warranty repairs for Airush, Slingshot, Flexifoil, F-One and Blade kites but why should you trust us with yours?

Kite repair before photo from kitemare company, north devon premier kite repair centre

We are kitesurfers and understand how precious your kites are to you, not only the financial value but the being without your kite when it's perfect conditions! We strive to get your kite through as quickly as possible and let you know when we get busy so you have the option to wait or send it else where. It's our attention to detail that has gained our reputation and not taking the easy path! If a valve needs removing to get a patch underneath it, it comes off, if a wear patch looks better replaced, so be it. Our repairs speak for themselves and we never get complacent, we strongly beleive in a saying here "You are only as good as your last repair!".

Kite repair centre to make repair to your kitesurfing kite

What can we do to help keep you flying? We can repair all land and water based kites whether they are LEI's, foils, twin skins, arc's or even whinnie the poo single line kites!  For the land based kites like foils and twin skins we can replace blown cells, rips in the outer skin of the kite, sew back ripped out bridals and even make up and replace bridals. For the water based LEI style kites we can do canopy rips, exploded leading edges, replace bridals, make and replace bladders, replace valves and one pump systems and repair struts. These are the most common repairs we get in but as we said, if it's broken we can usually fix it...


For more information on our kite repairs please see our main information website by following the link below-