Sponsored Riders

We are not just into box pushing. Kiteing is our passion, it's our path in life and furthering the sport is very important to us. As well as sponsoring competitions, groups and events we have a team of sponsored riders we help, push and encourage. Where possible we hook them up with brand sponsors to further their connections and as a shop do all we can for them. I personally compete in the BKSA seniours but know I am not the future in the sport! These just may be:-



Name… Ros (Rosanna Jury)

Started kiting...  2009

Favourite spot…  In the UK, the well-known secret spot, Hurst on the south coast… super flat water, where everything just works!! The Ho! is also pretty special when it’s working for kickers and sweet flats between waves. Abroad, it’s definitely Kitebeach in Cabarette for the consistent wind and good banter with the most friendly people, despite the chop and crowds.

Most memorable session... Whilst in the Dominican last month we went on a mission to ‘Paradise Island’… ranked one of the top 10 beaches in the world! The session was quite a long time coming, following the day long drive with our crew of 11 plus kit rammed into 2 cars and then a night with the 3 of us girls rammed into 1 bed and totally feasted on by mosquitos!

But the wind finally filled in for our 2 hour down winder to the island, over the most picturesque water and some incredible reef breaks, super powered on 9ms. There was nothing for it but kiteloops all the way. Other than some blood lost to the shallower parts of the reef, we all made it safely before the sharks came, to meet the butter flat water in the lee of the island.

Worst kitemare(apart from the shop!)... Ah, there’s been quite a few. :/ When I tried my first kiteloop in Scottland in about 30knots before I was really competent jumping, I somehow got my bar stuck, bringing on a death spiral that ragged me up the beach. My jammed safety release eventually came free, but a few moments later and I would have flown into the road.

Last month, when learning to handle pass at a narrow river mouth in the Dominican Republic with mangrove trees up the side, my leash snapped! I surfaced to see my beautiful kite shooting off to the gnarly mangroves, leading to a sprint swim across the river and then a comedy climb up the tree, luckily with help from some of the Dominican pros to rescue my rather sad looking kite… Alex Soto is a hero!

What keeps you kiting?... Mostly the people at the beach, I’ve met some of the most incredible people through kiteing. Whilst traveling, it was a connection through language barriers with the most awesome people that made me super stoked to kite.

Back home we also have an awesome crew at uni with loads of stoke and I can session with the fam when I’m back in Devon; riding with my Dad is still the best! It’s also the best escape from the stresses of med school. After a tough day there’s nothing that a good blast in the wind and waves can’t fix and there’s always something new to focus on trying to nail before the next comp.


Ros is a local at Westward Ho! and pushes herself really hard. She keeps progressing all the time and is destined for big things. She is approachable and very likeable. Ros is an assett to the sport and has a varied natural talent. We can see Ros as a pro rider before long and are honoured to have here ride in the "Kitemare Team".